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Bruce de Wert
Bruce de Wert
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I have been preparing Powers of Attorney for over 25 years as a semi retired solicitor for people just like you.

MyScottishAttorney offers you all that knowledge and expertise online in a convenient, confidential and inexpensive way.

My reputation

I have been providing online legal services since the year 2000.

My reputation was established in the making of Scottish Wills online in 2000 , initially at, which featured on Reporting Scotland and now at

Your benefits

Easy to use.

Convenient- you can do it at home or at the office.

Speed-if you start now, with everybody's details, you will have the Power of Attorney within the next hour and, in addition, after the certification process, you will be able to register it electronically. No other service offers such speed.

You can do it for your parents.

Dementia is not, necessarily, a curb or restriction. See my FAQ.

Security - no money is requested until you are quite satisfied. Your wishes are set out and confirmed to you before you commit yourself.

Fixed, inexpensive costs - only £99.99 for a continuing and welfare power of attorney.

Excellent value for money - save £100’s compared to seeing a Solicitor.

In addition, both with ourselves and solicitors, you will have to pay the registration fee of £85.

Solicitors fees vary but you might expect to pay over £300, once VAT is added.

You will need a doctor to sign off the certificate (that you are of sound mind) which is provided at the end of the power of attorney we give you.

Alternatively, if you cannot find a doctor, we can provide a lawyer and, with the power of attorney, you click the link here and sign up.

It is not cheap (because it involves a lawyer and includes the registration fee of £85) but it does mean you will not have to leave home to obtain a valid power of attorney and the lawyer will register your PoA.

Free information - this website is packed full of information about why you should make a Power of Attorney, how it works, the legal jargon and a frequently asked questions page.

So why wait?

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